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    Directory Index/Default page

    Using webhostingboy ($/ xchg rate more than favourable enough to give them a try, I'll let you know how I get on with them). Sat on Linux server, 2.4.20-24.9smp, Apache 1.3.29. Main domain not set up yet but I've parked an existing domain on it which I'm temporarily using to test one of my sites. I installed frontpage then, for various reasons, decided against using them so uninstalled them. The problem:

    morefooty is a directory in the web folder. If I use the address I get a page not found. If I use (add the trailing /) I get the default index page (index.htm). In htaccess in the root of the site I've added

    DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm index.php

    Other hosts I've used, admittedly with most settings defaulted by the host so I've never had to dip into anything like cpanel, it didn't matter whether I added the trailing / or not. Have I screwed something up by installing/uninstalling frontpage? Lost some htaccess setting? Or is this just the way it's meant to work?

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    Usually this is due to a ' / ' needing added document root directive in the domain vhost entry. (in Apache)


    DocumentRoot /home/blah/public_html/

    Try that, it may work for you.
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    Sorry for the ignorance but is that a file I can edit and where would I find it? I've used file manager to check the structure but no vhost file to be found.

    Typing or takes me to the root index.htm page, it's just sub-dirs that cause the problem

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