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    Wanting to purchase advertising

    Wanting to purchase advertising for Independent Outlook. All sites will be considered, as will types of advertising (text or button prefered). Sponsorships or other offers will also be considered.

    Please post your domain, a brief description of your site, your unique monthly visitors, page views and the type / cost of advertising available.


    Josh Powell.
    Josh Powell.
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    Fantastic advertising opportunities on large network
    Advertising on our network of sites:

    Total traffic is 60,000 Unique visitors / month!

    Control panel demo: Username: demo password: demo

    What we offer:

    468*60 Banner advertisement.
    0.75CPM: Subsribe, Order

    Site-Wide Text link on one of our PR6 sites of your choice.,,
    15 / Month: Subsribe, Order

    Site-Wide Text link on our 4 PR6 sites. (Save 30!),,
    40 / Month: Subsribe, Order

    If you have any queries then don't hesitate to Contact us.

    Thank you,
    David Lindon
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    I have text links available on 15 sites (14 PR6 and 1 PR7) . Please pm me with your offer and a request for the list of the urls.
    All sites are webmaster related.

    For button spots please check out this thread.
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    Domain (PR5)

    Description: is a site comitted to every area of gaming.

    Monthly unique visitors: 75.000 - 100.000+

    We got, link, button and banner (CPM deal) spots available

    PM me if interested.

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    You can have a text link in the cool links section of for $20/month

    We got about 240,000 unique visitors and about 640,000 page views in March.

    PM me if interested.

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    Space available on both sites:

    Webmaster tutorial and help site
    Most popular sections: PHP, PHP/MySQL, .htaccess
    Main Audience: Webmasters, Technology Students

    Monthly Traffic
    (Average Values - SiteMeter)
    Uniques: 40,000-45,000
    PageViews: 140,000-165,000

    Adverts & Prices
    Top of Page 468x60 Banner
    $1.00/£0.60 CPM

    Bottom of Page 468x60 Banner
    $0.25/£0.15 CPM

    Side Advert (Skyscraper/Button etc.)
    $0.50/£0.30 CPM

    Free webhosting directory and review site
    Main Audience: Webmasters

    Monthly Traffic
    (Average Values - Sitemeter)
    Uniques: 2,000-3,000
    PageViews: 10,000-15,000

    Adverts & Prices
    Top of Page 468x60 Banner
    $0.50/£0.30 CPM

    Bottom of Page 468x60 Banner
    $0.20/£0.12 CPM

    All prices quoted in USD/GBP
    Payments accepted by Paypal UK Pounds/US Dollars/Euros
    or by check UK Pounds/US Dollars/Euros
    (Non UK Pound Cheques have $10 surcharge)
    Please Enquire About Other Currencies

    Minimum purchase of 50,000 impressions

    Adverts accepted:
    JPEG, GIF, Animated Gif, Flash (subject to review),
    Rich Media/HTML (Subject to reivew)

    Popups/Popunders are not accepted.

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    Jun 2003
    64 (pr5)

    online photography community, nearly 1400 registered users, over 63,000 total posts, been live for nearly 14 months now, shown strong growth every month

    10-11,000 unique visitors per month (for 2004, up from 2003)
    400-450,000 page views per month (for 2004, up from 2003)

    88x31 static button (jpg, gif, png) in the footer of the forum for $8/month. to subscribe, visit the site, scroll to the footer, click the "Your banner here $8/month" button and fill out the info.

    468x60 banner in rotation in the header of the forum (aprox 20 banners total), as well as being listed on the Affliates page under sponsors, and having the banner included on the google adsense defaults (when it can't show valid content, rather then show charity ads, it shows the banners from the top). $25/month or $225/year (one month free when paid in avance) - send me a PM if your interested in that deal

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    I've got open text ad spots.

    For $30, you get your text ad shown across these websites: - top of page - top of page - bottom of page - bottom of page
    included within newer templates that are given away at

    Stats for just

    You're looking at close to 25-30,000 visitors a month, not including the exposure on the free template downloads.

    Payable at
    Enter WHT for the discounted price.

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    I can offer you the opportunity to place your URL as a sponsored link on my site, Linux

    I believe the is PR5.

    We receive over 70,000 unique visitors per month, and over 600,000 page impressions.

    Your link will be featured in the new "Sponsored Links" section at the bottom of every page.

    ACT FAST: there is a Maximum of 10 links on for this month!

    Cost: £ 35 per URL per Month

    Get More: have your link to be enclosed in "<b></b>" tags, for an additional £ 10.

    Paypal is the payment method.

    To take advantage of this execellent offer, email [email protected]

    (month = 30 days)


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    To those who responded with the information requested, I thank you and will be in touch after I review your sites and if I decide to go ahead.

    Any further offers should be made by PM or email.

    Thank you.

    Josh Powell.
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