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    293 no recieving msgs

    i have tried many many times their MSN and icq notification test, but no msg was recieved, anyone know why? that stops me using their services, their sales said don't know why.

    sms and email is working through...

    here is the msn and icq notification test link, can you try and tell me is it working?

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    Just tested it and it's working fine for me. MSN now has anti-spam features so maybe you need to configure it to allow you to receive messages from Alertra. Don't use ICQ so can't help there.
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    Alertra says:
    TEST Device Down

    make sure under options > privacy you have the option for "only people on my allow list can send me messages" un-checked didn't work for me till i rememberd that.

    Same with ICQ, don't use it, sorry.

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    thx, i got MSN work now, still trying icq

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