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    Flash game designers needed :)


    I am after people who can design flash games.....good quality games...

    Budget varies per game....

    Lots of ongoing work.......

    will buy existing ready made games, with alterations...

    Please email me "ahmad at' or pm me through WHT.


    PS. You must show me existing work you have done, I will not hire anyone out of sheer 'Oh I can do that'....

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    still learning... i wish i could but i am learning how to make objects not able to go into certian areas... made stupid little cargame if you want it?

    lol <<<< that is awsome!!!

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    Can you please show me this game??

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    Talking it isnt that great trust me it is not even ...

    close to quality so idont think i should post it ... when i make a good game... hopefully sometime this afternoon i will tell you

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    hehe ok,

    But do you know anyone who has any already made games etc...good games, worth hiring type of person...


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