I would like to utilize Pay-Pals API interface to automate the setup, and generation of usernames/passwords. Using WHMPanel. (I am no programer, however I can edit perl and simmilar).

The problem seems to be that WHMp is "Above" my access point (Which is good so I cant mess it up, but...) I was told to point it to the htaccess or htpassword file (I forget which) but when I checked the proper file, there was no referance to any of my hosted sites. Which tells me that it was not the correct file, or it was the correct file name, but the actual file required was elsewhere. I did check (FTP DL) every accessable file in my area of the server but I was unable to find anything with usernames/passwords or any indication that there was anyother site besides the master site.

I know someone has already done it. I can't seem to get a satasfactory answer. I have had Two upstream providers look at it and never give an answer. (Or should I say pretend to look at it).

(Ok I did pick two winners..
Choice #1 was e-z-hosting, and Choice #2 was iwebspeed - If I found this forum before I could have saved myself some Grief)

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions?