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    how to switch smoothly from flash to htm?

    Hi all - help please!

    I've got a flash intro where the last frame is identical to my home page (which is not flash). Right now there is a hiccup between the flash anim ending and the redraw of the homepage. (check it out - url is in the signature)
    How can i get the transition to be smooth?
    please advise asap!!

    thanks in advance

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    i'm not sure u can do it tho.. but i could be wrong... unless u design the whole site in flash

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    You can't, after the flash animation it goes to another page where it needs to load the site, so ya the transition isnt that smooth but when i refreshed and the site was loaded it was barely noticeable.

    Unless the entire site, and intro are in one flash animation then you can't.

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