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    100MBPS & 10U $1999 10MBPS & 10U $299 Fremont Colocation

    Colocation 10mbps Package
    Bandwidth: 10mbps
    Reboots: 24/7 Ability to call into datacenter
    IPs: Free IPs w/ justification
    Access: 24/7 access to cabinet
    Space: 1/4 cabinet (10U)
    cPanel: Licenses available for $39.99/month
    Price: $299/month with no long-term commitment and same day setup.

    or 10MBPS colocation with 1U for $239

    Colocation 100mbps Package
    Bandwidth: 100mbps
    Reboots: 24/7 Ability to call into datacenter
    IPs: Free IPs w/ justification
    Access: 24/7 access to cabinet
    Space: 1/4cabinet included, upgrade to a half cabinet for $75 more.
    cPanel: 1 free cPanel license included, more available at $24.99/month.
    Price: $1999/month with no long-term commitment and sameday setup.

    All colocation is in the Fremont datacenter, if you have special needs or need something not offered here, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] we pride ourselves on offering personalized service and treating every customer as if they were our only customer. Our website is

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    How much power are you providing?

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    For a 1/4 cabinet you will get 1/4 of the cabinets power.

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    The cab can have anywhere from 1A to 1,000A... Whats a full cab come with?
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    You never answered my PM to you asking if you could provide me with 200-300Mbps for this pricing. I asked you a serious question, and am interested if you can provide it.

    Also, when you sell 100Mbps to a customer, is that 100Mbps guaranteed, or is it shared at all with other customers. I would need access to the full 100Mbps, non-shared.

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    I actually went to your site and sent you an e-mail which I guess never got to you but ill PM you this time. As for the power, I believe HE cabinets come with the typical 15-20 amps that most full cabinets come with.

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    882 cabs have 15a available power.
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