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    Is Miva Merchant Garbage?

    I've set up other shopping carts (using PHP & MYSQL), but I've never had so much trouble w/ an e-commerce solution as I've had w/ Miva. Is there anyone out there whose brain I could pick on ayment configuration and your experiences w/ this software?


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    I used Miva Merchant for about 3 years. I hated it. I hated paying monthly for it to be hosted someplace else. I hated that the was so incredibly large. I hated that I had to hassle with the hosting company to get them to install updates to close the security holes that MIVA found almost weekly. I hated the forums that didnt help me at all, and a search function that was unusable.

    I do Oscommerce now. Its free, and you can host it just about anywhere. HTMLscript in MIVA is a PITA. Stay with PHP and never look back.

    Just my .02


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    I was going to use miva untill I found this forum! It look like OsCommerce is they way to go!

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    I've used it, liked it.

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    oscommerce all the way..!

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    oscommerce is really great.
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    What's the problem?

    I can help...what problems are you having?

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    Im partial to osCommerce, but I have heard good things about Miva...

    What problems are you having?

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    It's a simple and effective tool, but incredibly full of security holes.
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    is there a payed version which has osCommerce options and as easy as osCommerce ?
    i love osCommerce and think tis the best not because its free but because you change any thing in it like skin and the modules
    but i may start looking for something that is payed for to have more support and more scurity because i herd that there is an exploite in osCommerce which is until now not fixed.
    any comments ?

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    OsCommerce is the way to Go! Miva sux!

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    Miva is awful.

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    I hate Miva also, at least go for any price-competitive solution

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