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    needed: windows media stream

    need to broadcast a live webcam via windows media.. ranges from 1 viewer to a possible 40 viewers at a time, video and audio needed as well as a company that has been around for a period of time. please post your quotes in here with contact information..

    not disk space needed just a server to push the feed out.


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    What kind of bandwidth per stream are you looking for? Windows Media has a rather large range...

    What kind of content are you looking to have?

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    well something that has decent quality of video and audio and that can atleast support 40 viewers if need be... just content from awebcam... still looking for a place as well..

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    The streams available for Windows Media Encoder (video/audio) are:

    -> 28Kbit/s
    -> 43Kbit/s
    -> 58Kbit/s
    -> 109Kbit/s
    -> 148Kbit/s
    -> There are a couple higher ones, but you probably wouldn't stream with those...

    You said it was a web cam, but what kind of content?

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    possible adult, more voyeur stuff.. just need some quotes so we can get this solution rolling

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    I could do 40 28Kbit/s streams for $50/month, but I don't do adult hosting...

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