We are offering this special with the first month free because we are a new hosting company and want to gain your support and a good customer base before we launch all services in a month. After signup you will receive a contact phone number (US), fax numbers (US, CA, UK), and with our support email address. In the next month our new ticketing and support website will be online. For more information contact [email protected] or on AIM JoshuaCKent


$4.99 a month (via check, paypal, or moneyorder)
Setup fee waived
1 Gig Disk Space
20 GIG transfer
Unlimited Emails with Auto responders, and forwards
IMAP support
Tomcat Support
3 Domains
Unlimited Subdomains
3 MYSQL Databases (with remote administration support)
CronJob Support
unlimited Protected Directories
unlimited Webusers (additional users for control panel)
$1 a month for a dedicated IP for use in Anonymous FTP and/or SSL
SSL Support
Generate SelfSigned SSL Certificates

Scripting Support
Java, JSP
Apache ASP support
SSI support
PHP support
CGI support
mod_perl support
mod_python support
Web statistics
Custom Error Documents
FrontPage Support

Server Specs
We currently are leasing a 24u section of a Datacenter in New York but only have 10 servers running at this time. Please be assured that we do not oversell and with our supporting of tomcat (high memory and cpu usage) we only allow 15 to 25 customers (depending on how many are using tomcat) per server.

4 Servers are
Intel Pentium 4
2.4 GHz or higher
40 GB IDE hard drive
RedHat 9
2.4 kernel

6 Servers are
Intel Pentium 4
3.06 GHz Hyper-
Threaded or higher
120 GB IDE hard drive
RedHat 9
2.4 kernel