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    Owned for a while now but never actually done nething with it. (it currently redirects to a random online game that is not mine!!!!)

    Never really considered its value till I stumbled across this forum. because its a I guess its pretty worthless.....10?

    any appraisals welcome


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    hi mate i would give u 10 for it
    aim:- ochw181
    msn:- [email protected]

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    very not worthless
    not for me, as im moving from the uk, but its a very good domain name
    hang on to it, or sell it properly

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    Can anyone give me a rough estimate on value?

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    I am not actually considering selling it atm. well unless the price is very right of course

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    as much as that?? I thought were not worth as much a .coms

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    maybe $50

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    If you ever consider selling it then give me a bell with a price. It would be a great name to develop and a project i'd love to get on board with. I know a few people who'd help as well.

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    $500 and more

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