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    Developed Tech Forum and Domain Informaiton Site.


    DOMAIN: NameCheap Expiration Date 16-jan-2005

    COMMENTS: Developed tech forum but has been dead (no activity) for a little while. Just needs some nice traffic to get it going. Our members have made a total of 135 posts and we have 22 registered members.

    REVENUE: Made via adsense but dont know how much if any because we use it on many sites.


    DOMAIN: NameCheap Expiration date 22 Dec 2004 20:57:17

    COMMENTS: Nice site needs better content and traffic.

    REVENUE: Made via adsense. Again dont know how much if any because we use it on many sites. I see it is showing charity ads now it use to show domain name ads. Site needs better content.

    Starting bid for both sites: $20.00 paypal
    Increase Bids: $5.00 minimum
    Auction ends in 48 hours from saturday, 08:50 PM
    Thanks for looking!

    EDIT: Buy now is only $60.00 great deal!

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    Kevin Muldoon - Blogging, WordPress, Internet Marketing
    Rise Forums - Internet Marketing Discussion Forum

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    $20 on

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    Thanks for the bids guys.

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    Both sites SOLD buy it now feature was used. Thanks all

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