WeHostStuff.net is having a sale until July 4th of this summer ... three months FREE with any yearly purchase. This savings is for LIFE if you order before July 4th!

Our plans:

Tier 0 - 75 MB disk space, 3 GB mo. transfer, $1.95/mo or $17.55/yr.
Tier 1 - 100 MB disk space, 5 GB mo. transfer, $2.95/mo or $26.55/yr.
Tier 2 - 200 MB disk space, 8 GB mo. transfer, $4.95/mo or $44.55/yr.
Tier 3 - 300 MB disk space, 12 GB mo. transfer, $6.95/mo or $62.55/yr.
Tier 4 - 500 MB disk space, 17 GB mo. transfer, $9.95/mo or $89.55/yr.
Tier 5 - 1000 MB disk space, 35 GB mo. transfer, $19.95/mo or $179.55/yr.

In addition to the three free months, Tiers 2-5 get a FREE domain with a yearly plan purchase.

All plans support the following: PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, unlimited mailing lists, email accounts & FTP access and more ... see our web page for more information.

As always, I am willing to cut deals with anyone who needs a low-cost hosting solution. Don't hesitate to ask!