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    Need Gaming Template.

    Hi I need a gaming template made for me, I would like whoever is up to the job to give me quotes here.

    You can see more details here about the job.

    Thanks, Mike

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    I would say 70$-100$. since no slicing/coding is needed.

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    What is your budget approximatly ? I might be interested, since I only can design the .psd but can't slice or code it
    I am fairly new to the business and was more oriented in banner design but I am also intersted in web design, so far I only made one template which took my 2 hours at 5 am saturday morning I know I am one of those insomniac persons, you can view it here
    It is a clan template I made for my clan (Rest In Peace Clan playing Counter-Strike) so I guess I might be able to do something that is better than my first one with reasonable time frame/budget.
    And by the way will the site need any banners or a logo? (you didn't mention any of that in details page)
    Kirill Smirnov

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    $110. You can find our portfolio and more information at . Tell me what you think!
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    $100. Portfolio is available upon request.

    HQ Max »

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    I can do this for you for $70. You can check out my work at my website .
    Adam Clement

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    I can do this for $100 as the others have offered, my portfolio:

    I can also get it done in 24 hours

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