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Thread: Dating Software

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    Dating Software

    I dont know if this is were this goes, but I will put it here. If this is not were it goes...can someone put it in the correct thread??

    Does anyone know where I can purchase dating software at? I am looking to create a dating website and I need the software. If so please list them below.


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    for a second there, i thought you were about to invent a whole new meaning of e-romance

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    here is another one

    - James

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    check these links as well (all comes as .com)
    php.resourceindex /Complete_Scripts/Classified_Ads/Matchmaking/

    hotscripts /PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/Classified_Ads/Personals/

    hotscripts /PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/Match_Making/

    scriptz /PHP/Classified_Ads/Personals/

    bigwebmaster /PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/Classified_Ads/

    devscripts /PHP/Classifieds/

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    Man, I really hope to God that you are buying this for someone else not for yourself, these days there are more Personals sites than personal homepages on/for every group of human race. It's really too late to open a new website.

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    They are real nice, and installation is free, at least it was when I bought mine. Quite reasonably priced too. It's a great starter program. You will have to work with the HTML though.

    The market is flooded with dating sites. I offer free months and 2 for one memberships, but it's slow building up. Nobody wants to sign up when you only have a few people.

    You can contact me if you want more info.

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    Give a shot... it let's easy to setup and customize, has a lot of features and best of all ... you start the site with members. Starting a dating service can be really hard as people don't bother signing up if the site is empty.

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    agree that some members for start up is important and promotional actions ARE as well

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    Check these guys as well They provide free installtion, free lifetime upgrades and free lifetime technical support.

    They also have free directory script - this one is good to attract traffic to your site and grow in PR.

    hope this is useful.

    best luck
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