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    I am selling 3 domain names. They are:

    These domains have a lot of potential as they could be used for a graphics design business, a web design business, or possibly used in some type of medical application. I plan to sell these three domains as a package. I will take offers starting at $35 for the lot. These domain names are registered at GoDaddy and they all expire March 27,2005. I will push the domains to a GoDaddy account for free after payment is recieved. For payment I will only accept PayPal. Please post offers in this thread. Offers should be posted within the next 72 hours.

    Hammond Hill

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    Traffic ?

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    Originally posted by DDmagik
    Traffic ?
    Hello DDmagik,
    Thanks for your inquiry! I am not sure how much traffic these domains recieve as they are parked at GoDaddy and I have no way of obtaining any statistics to determine this.

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