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    Post Anything Goes -- Get your banner on our site today!

    Alright so far this month (the past 2.7 days) my site has recieved 89,204 page views.

    I have a member database of 1368 and its always growing. I am not getting paid enough for my publisher's account at

    I had some prices in my mind, but everyone told me that was outrageious, so this is all I have left. I am needing to find some money via Paypal in exchange for any advertising offers I will get. We will be maxing our bandwidth in 20 days, and I really need to get a better host.

    Please give us a chance, check out for what we currently are offering. Ignore the prices, I know they are outrageous. If you would like to make an offer for any of my advertising space, please feel free to do so via pm, email, or reply.


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    Wouldn't let me edit so I am double posting. I meant to put this in the "Other Offers and Requests".

    Sorry, I was trying to finish the post before I left and didnt realize where I put it.


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