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    Subdomain problem


    I have just transfered my site. With CPanel I have made some subdomains. But I made a wrong user in reseller panel and decide to delete and recreate them to avoid change my old php scripts.
    After it I recreate subdomains and transfered files in the corresponding directories. But it doesn't work. I get always a CPanel error message. I delete all subdomain directories from file manager.
    Now I can't create them again. CPanel shows that there are no subdomain. But if I want to add a subdomain I see my old subdomains as normal domains listed. I mean I have a domain eg.: and on the domain list selector I see and too.
    I can't delete them. And I can now made a But I want only a managable

    Any idea?


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    Go through groups users folder and dns zones and see if anything is missing cpanel isn't error free.
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    I have a reseller account, and don't know what and where I have to check exactly. I can't edit config files manual.

    I have deleted the whole account and recreate it again. Now I see 0 subdomains. When I want to add one, I get an error "Domain already exists, it was not added. "

    What can I do?

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    What can I do?
    ask your host for support?
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