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    How to block/bounce an email address?

    I've got an email client on a 550 who's being harassed by email, and want to block a particular email address. I know I can blacklist an email address in spam assassin and have it auto-delete, but rather want it to bounce back to the harassing sender.

    Is there a simple way of doing this?
    If so, is it server wide or can I make it specific to a hosted domain on the 550?

    thnx, Manny

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    procmail is your best bet, i found a few things on google about it. check out the blacklist recipe
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    Check out the /etc/mail/access list. You can block specific IPs in there like: 550 Go away no need for your spam here.

    This blocks all email from the spammers. It sends them a nice message in their error log...

    After editing the access file, you will need to run:

    makemap hash /etc/access</etc/access

    Restart sendmail

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