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    Design and Programming of my WebHosting Company


    I run a WebHosting Company in Brazil ( but I am currently using one Template provided by monster template.

    I have new projects for it and would like to quote some people interested.

    What I would like?

    Totally new Design for the Web Page, I need a dynamic page programmed in PHP that I can easily update the Plans, Services, and everything inside the page.
    I use kayako esupport, I would like to have an integration with it also inside the page, this includes all the sections provided by kayako ( TroubleShooter, FAQ, Downloads, Ticket Status and New Ticket (All modified to fit my webpage).
    I use also modernbill, I wont integrate the modernbill as I just accept credit card and direct deposit but I would like to integrate the order form to fit the new page.
    I need a good skilled team in PHP because I would like to have something like how many Plans we have available at that moment, and when a new customer sign up this number go down.

    My budget is maximum of U$ 1000.00

    Please provide me:

    1- Portfolio (Webhosting pages already done)
    2- People that recommend you
    3- How long would you take to have the project done
    4- How many on team and which languages are you/your team skilled at.

    Dont send me PM, just REPLY to this POST.


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    My name is Sharif and I am an independent/freelance web designer and programmer.

    My skillset is as follows:
    - HTML/CSS (Advanced)
    - PHP/MySQL (Advanced)
    - Javascript (Intermediate)
    - Flash (Intermediate)

    A few websites I have done recently:
    - (down at the moment)

    It would take me a minimum of 2 weeks to get this done, 3 at max. I am skilled at lanugages such as English and Bengali. You can contact me by emailing me at [email protected]. Other means of contact:

    AIM: SharifTK15
    MSN: [email protected]
    Phone/Fax: Available on request.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I am a web designer and developer and I am also a freelancer in this
    industry, but I have a partner that works with me on large projects
    like yours. We have strong skills in a range of areas including:
    HTML/XHTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL Development, Javascript, ASP/ADO
    Development, and we can both thoroughly use the entire MX Studio.
    My portfolio can be found
    My partner designed all sites and templates found
    here, as well as

    We can have this project completed for you in one or two weeks
    depending on how hard you are to satisfy.

    As far as spoken languages go, I am fluent in English and German, and
    my partner knows English and some Japanese.

    For recommendations ask:
    - ReDellia Powell [[email protected]]
    - Brian Pauley [[email protected]]
    - Senthuran Velnayagam [[email protected]]
    (If you are interested I can give more references via email)

    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: exeagle2004
    Y!M: nickcolomb

    Have a good day.
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    New Delhi, India
    I will like to work with you. I have lot of
    experience in PHP/MySQL, JavaScript and other web technologies.

    My profile is given below. I along with my other two friends have also been
    featured in India's
    premier news magazines and portals. We were featured in "The
    WEEK", check out for the article.
    You can find other links in news section on .

    My Profile:
    Name: Jayant Kumar Gandhi
    DOB: 25th October, 1982 (21 yrs)
    Location: New Delhi, India

    Present positions:
    Co-founder, iDYA Research ( )
    Founder, ( ) : a help site dedicated to PC
    hardware related problems.
    Co-founder, ( ) : help site for webmasters and
    web programmers. Moderator.
    Earlier: Expert for PHP, Perl, C++, PhotoShop

    Skills and Experiance:
    C++ - 6+ years
    C - 4+ years
    Perl - 4+ years
    PHP - 4+ years
    among many others like HTML, JavaScript, ASP,.....
    Macromedia Dreamweaver - 4+ years
    Adobe PhotoShop - 5+ years
    among others such as Zend Studio, Frontpage,........
    Operating Systems:
    Windows 98
    RedHat Linux 6.2,7.1

    I have a hourly price for small projects while quote a fixed amount on the project basis for bigger projects.
    All money will have to be paid to me via PayPal.

    How long would you take to have the project done:-
    3 weeks including analysis, coding, testing and delivery.

    How many on team and which languages are you/your team skilled at?
    4 people on team. All have 4+ years experience in PHP, Perl/CGI, ASP, DHTML,
    JavaScript. 6years+ for MySQL, HTML, .....

    Natural Languages: English (US, UK), Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali.

    People that recommend me/us:
    Given that I am a moderator at (one of the biggest sites of
    PHP), I don't think you will need many references.
    In any case references are available via email.

    Rates/pricing available via email.

    Contact details:-
    jayant ][AT][
    YIM: jayant_techguy
    Jayant Kumar Gandhi

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    am an IT professional, working 15 hours per day. In industry specific work
    experience and extensive software/Web -Development/Site maintaining
    exposure, I am extremely versatile and flexible. By employing the best
    people in the industry I am committed to provide a superior level of

    I have gone through your requirement and I am very much sure that we can
    provide u the best solution with high quality/fast loading website with
    clean and neat code.

    I request you to have a look at our profile and feedback and our past work
    examples.I assure you that I'll provide you the work with the best quality
    and you will be 100% satisfy with our work. I'll be happy if we get a chance
    to prove ourselves.

    I assure u of our hard working disposition and soothing personality.
    I have also done similar kind of sites that you hav mentioned in project.

    will work with full responsibility.I draw my foreign payment is through
    Western Union.
    My Conatct info in
    hotmail is [email protected]
    yahoo is [email protected]
    AIM is JeetHigh

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