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    Dead HP Pavillion xt155

    Just ran accross a dead HP Pavillion xt155 for a great deal. Im thinking about buying it and then fixing it. The problem is... im not sure what the problem is.

    I have been told (I have not physicaly tuched it), the system dosnt power on, no hard drive (that can be fixed), when tempory hard drive was installed for testing it would not power on, and tests with a battery showed it not powering on.

    So,... im not sure what the problem could be, Im not sure if a laptop has a powersupply like a desk top..

    But if it wont power on, its probably the motherboard? any other sugestion?... anyone know what one of those goes for?
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    How much was the offer for?
    If its under like 100-200 then go for it.
    You can always ebay the parts.
    Like keyboard, touchpad, LCD etc.

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