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    70% of a SM Windows 2003 Standard/P4 2.4/1GB RAM/2HD/100mbps Port for Half Low Price!

    I have a server from Servermatrix with the following specs:

    P4 2.4 533fsb 512k L2
    1GB DDR Ram
    2x40GB HD
    100mbps Port
    1000GB monthly transfer
    Windows Server 2003 Standard (no control panel installed)

    Test IP:
    Test Download:

    Currently I'm using this server for some very minor development purposes. I use less than 5% CPU and 100GB in bandwidth per month. I'm looking for someone to share the resources of this server to reduce my cost.

    I'm willing to let you use 70% of resources (everything including CPU, RAM, HD and bandwidth) at a LOW price of only $65/month . I got a special deal from SM when I ordered this server. The same configuration costs about $200/month with a $49 setup if you order a full server from SM now.

    All standard and up2date windows components including IIS6 are installed on the server. Please note that for security reasons of my own data I cannot give you administrator access on the server. This is the only drawback. However I can install any software you need to run and configure any number of websites in IIS ( etc are fully supported) for you. This deal is perfect for those who need a Windows server for their personal use. The server will be managed by me as well as SM.

    Network and datacenter information can be found here

    If you are interested in the offer please email [email protected] or talk to me on msn [email protected]

    Thanks and have a great day!

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    Would it be possible that I have administrator access if I share with you?

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    Originally posted by UltraUnixNET
    Would it be possible that I have administrator access if I share with you?
    Read his post
    Saifullah Nasir (AIM: saifullah77)

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    If I take it, will you be willing to install a evaluation version of a few softwares? I am looking out for a testing server and will need to install evaluation versions of softwares and have them on the server, until the evaluation period expires. (At the end of it, I will be buying the license for one of them)

    FYI. The software I would be evaluating are imaging components.

    Please pm me you phone number. (You had said I can talk to you, but I could not find your number anywhere on the post).


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