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    Designing PDA Friendly Web Pages

    I am designing a site to be PDA/Wireless Telephone Friendly. My specific targets are

    1. SunCom HipTop web browser
    2. Treo Default Web Browser

    One thing I have noticed is that when I use tables, the "Cellpadding" attribute is ignored on the HipTop. Can anyone suggest how I can pad my text in tables on these wireless devices?

    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    I'm not familier with the HipTop browser, but if it supports CSS you could simply use the CSS padding attribute.

    If not, you could always specify a TD of a set width to the left and right of the text to act as padding. It's really not a good solution but it should serve that purpose.

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    Thanks for the tip. I have thought about both of those issues, but have heard that HipTop has trouble with CSS occasionally. Thus, was wondering if there was some other solution. Yes, the table within a table, of some sort, would also work. Thanks.

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    I would suggest this book. I foudn it incredibly helpful and simple when designing for mobile devices.

    XHTML in Easy Steps

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    xhtml and css would be the best way to go with that.
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    Okay, the CSS does seem to work fine. Though, I have noted that not all CSS elements are recognized. Ex. When defining table borders, the only thing I have found that is recognized on the HIPTOP is SOLID. "dotted" and "dashed" does not seem to be recognized. Interesting.

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