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    Fp 2000

    Hi. I am new to this form. It seems I cannot edit my web page. When I hit the alt-shift-delete, it says : not responding....system may be busy. I do use a host and I haven't had any problems in a long time. It started yesterday. I updated all my MS updates, that didn't help. I went to the registry and deleted front page. That got me no where. I contacted my host system but they haven't called me back. What now? Any suggestions?

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    Have you tried putting in a ticket ? Is this only happening with FrontPage? Can you test with WSFTP ? just to see how the connection is from your PC to the HOST.
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    I called MS and they took me through a test. An error came up. I do believe it is my host. I've contacted him and I hope he tries to fix the problem. He said there isn't anything wrong on his end, but MS said otherwise. I will wait.

    Thanks for getting back to me.

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