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    Host Gator

    I have looked around on the forums(dont tell me to do a search i already have, i want to know your current opinion). Im just curious to know if you think this hosting company is reliable and has good customer support. I currently own www. thelastguard .com(check it out if you wish, its still under construction). I am currently with astrahosting and we are going to be moving this weekend to another host and i was really planning to go with Host Gator but before i make my final decision id like to see what you all have to say.

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    Current opinion is A+

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    anyone else?

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    Try the same question on their forums, it might help. (you already know my opinion so i will not bother you with it again)
    Good luck!

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    wouldnt that give me a bunch of lies? lol. I want to hear peoples opinions here. Ive seen the owner post here before and he seems nice. Im not very good at being initiative when it comes to talking to people though haha. Well maybe hell post here though.

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    That wouldn't give you a bunch of lies, but rather some useful info about their company etc..

    Anyways, try doing a thorough search of them here, and read some reviews of them.

    Good luck
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    He can't post here... it would be against the rules:

    wouldnt that give me a bunch of lies?
    Yeah... that can be a possibility too.

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