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    Problem with e-mail sending/receiving after installin Norton anit virus

    I installed Norton Anitviru 2004/ after installing I could not send or receive e-mails in Microsoft Outlook. I would get this error message: Sending & receiving reproted error (0X800CC0F). The connection to the server was inerrupted. If the probem continues contact your server admin. or Internet Service Provider. I contacted my provider but said they couldn't advise because it was Outlook........ I then uninstalled Norton (which I didn't want to do for security reasons) and now my e-mail is OK......I did go into Tools in my e-mail then e-mail accts/view or change/ did name and type removed and then same process and added but still the same problem when Norton was installed. I'm sure I need to tweak something but I'm not that knowlegable in that department and need guidance......any help would be appreciated

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    Good day,
    I have Norton Antivirus Pro 2004 v10.0.1.13 installed on my computer. I haven't faced such problem before since I installed it and I don't think there is a need to change the settings.

    Perhaps, you should try reinstalling NAV and do a Live Update? If it doesn't fix the problem, you should contact Symantec. Don't forget you get technical support from them for their products

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