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    Want 2 - 3 cents in your paypal ?

    I have no idea where i should post this so it ended up here

    hope its not wrong.

    anyway i have a request, im testing out a payment script (pay to paypal and the d/l should start auto) and i cant pay myself so i need another paypal email to send money to

    pm me your paypal email !

    you need to have Instant Payment notificaion enabled in PayPal !

    have a nice day

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    Minimum you can send is $1 i think.

    Have a look in the offers forum, i'm sure you'll find an account with a few terabytes of space for a $1 if you look, may aswell get something for your money.

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    hope its not 1 $ could be expensive if i cant get the script to work right

    offer is still open !

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    you get charged like 30 cent to recive it so you would be loosing money

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    thanks dudes i have paypal address to test on now

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    If you find someone you can trust, then you can ask them to refund the payment afterwards, which reverses any paypal charges.

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    Actually, PayPal allows you to have two accounts for the purposes of testing/development. One has to be a non-merchant account.
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    you can set price to $0.01
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    need one to test the final

    when you press continue in paypal a download should start

    free template is just used as an example hey a free template for 1 cent

    na ill pay you back + the fee it might cost

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    I tried it, and it worked, but I stayed on the paypal "pay now" page through the download, and stayed there.
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    thx m8 i think paypal has some auto return (to my site)

    i just need to set that up

    found it just made a dummie page to return to for testing


    Any chance for a re-test ? ill drop the money back to you
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    FYI, it might look more professional (and be easier for customers), if instead of asking folks to type in their email address when they return, you simply send them back to your script with a query attached to the end.

    Basically, you assign them an item ID (EG 12943). Your script for collecting IPN notifications catches this item ID and adds it to your database. Then, the cutomer's return URL would be <URL of your script>?12943 . The script checks to see if the item ID is in the database, and starts the download.

    Also, you need to do a better job of protecting your download URL. Consider sending the file as an email attachment...
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    if you return to the "retrive" where you have to enter your email its because something went wrong !

    thats just a safety so people could get their product if the download didden start before.

    but ill check into that if i can make it send a email, would be better.

    the download should be secure as it checks the payment id from paypal, if that aint right you cant get the file
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