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    LOOKING for PHP/mySQL pro !

    I am helping one small company from Hong Kong with some of their organizational/marketing/ promotional needs. They don?t have money (or time) to start building website from zero. The decision was made to use ?hybrid? of OsCommerce and some other CMS system (PHP-NUKE, post NUKE, or something else)
    I don?t know much about PHP/ mySQL coding, that?s? why I need someone?s help. That person should know what he?s doing, so he could put all pieces together, cleanly remove everything what is not needed, and at the same time would not break any of the things, which function properly.

    The only thing I have is structure and description of functionality already predefined, as well as I already prepared the list of all needed resources. I can take care of visual part of the project, because I mostly do printing designs for a living. I also have most of the components installed already. I will be providing provide full list bellow.

    Type of website: small commercial mini-portal, which would take care of sales of 2-3 electronic devices ( with possibility to be increased to 5-7 devices) and would provide user/technical support for them.

    Website content:
    X=y+z , where ?x? ? main menu, ?y,z? submenus

    (1) News ( need to be easily updatable like in PHP Nuke, NOT like in OsCommerce) + survey
    (2) About= Company ( short history and press releases) + Devices (specs + brief history + reviews)
    (3) Download = manuals and literature + software,utilities/,irmware
    (4) Support = FAQ + message board + links (with possibility to submit them)
    (5) Art (most likely will be linked to another website
    (6) Sales/shopping cart.

    More details:

    Static pages:
    (2) - static HTML or flash,
    (5) - link

    Dynamic pages:
    (1) Main ?index? page
    (2) No upload from user side
    (6) Needs to be configured to support coupons.

    Message board would be accessible for reading for anonymous users. Posting will be permitted only to registered users. They same database of logins/passwords should be used to login to shopping cart.

    The goal is to have fully functioned blocks with consistent design. I will be available 24/7 to help you to prepare needed graphic.

    What I currently have:
    Hosting with inmotionhostingDOTcom (No telnet / SSH access, cPanel, PHP v4.3.3, Apache 1.3.29, no ASP, no JSP)
    OsCommerce 2.2 fresh install, I started playing with it, but did not modify any code
    phpBB forum [2.0.6c] ?fully functioning and configured
    Agora Shopping Cart ? fresh installation, not tested
    PHP-Nuke 6.8 could be installed at any time
    60% of site content which I plan to input by myself.

    Elements which I?d like to use to enhance UI: Top drop-down navigation menu;

    Now questions:
    - What CMS you would prefer to use?
    - What would be your estimate time-wise and money-wise?
    - Is there is anything described above you cannot do?
    - Could you show me your work?
    - When are you available?
    - Could you provide some info about yourself?

    If we?ll succeed with this project, there will be more work coming soon. I will explain complete situation and all perspectives if I feel that we can benefit from our business.
    please email me 'photoartsy at hotmail dot com

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    You can PM me with clarifications or if you need more information.

    Looks like all you want is a CMS/Nuke with a button saying Shop Now and going to osCommerce. That is a Nuke in the root directory and osCommerce in a subdirectory.

    The option is to go with something that already integrates Nuke and osCommerce. I do not recommend you try the integration
    yourself if you do not have time.

    Please look at the following URLs.

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