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    Question server load, will it handle it

    hi, at the moment i have a windows20003 dedicated server with EV1Servers with a 50GB IDE hdd. At the moment i am hosting only one site on it that uses MS Access database heavily. My plan is to host 2 other sites on it that will provide PerlBill and PerlDesk hosting. And I also plan to host a domain that will have a SSL cert and https feature so that i can sell folders to my customers, i plan to sell about 500 folders with 10MB space each

    My question is will the server be able to handle 1 heavy duty site, 1 site hosting perldesk and perlbill running constantly and one site having upto 500 folders to share SSL with? the SSL site can just itself be classified as a heavy duty site overall.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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    MS Access if accessed alot will create alot of unnessary strain on your server and will slow your server down considerably.

    You might want to rethink using access.

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    but the site i have that uses MS Access database is running perfectly with over 80,000 hits page views per day, and the whole site is like a portal based on MS Access

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    if your getting that much traffic, you might want to consider importing your access database into either Microsoft MSDE/SQL Server or MySQL, this will drastically reduce the load, not on your CPU, but on the hard disk, as every connection to the access DB will cause it to open, read the DB and close the file..... this is not applicable when running with a database server.... if your asking us for opinions on how the system you have will run, then I suggest you move away from access, on the system you have you should be able to host anywhere between 50 to 200 websites, without too much problem, you will probably need to upgrade the net connection, the hard drive, and memory, but unless your running intensive web applications, the CPU will not be under much load.... avoid running Perl applications, as Perl does unfortunately use quite a lot of cpu resources
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