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    * DNS issuE raq550

    Hi All,

    In my settings for a domain I have as secondary nameserver ( On my new raq550 ( I have the dns feature ON.

    I want now this server to be as secondary nameserver, but how is this done ? Automaticly?

    I don't have a "record" file from the original
    I just want this server to act as secondary, but when I restart the primary dns server, then this is what the secondary gives me :

    Apr 1 13:56:23 ns4 named[21952]: received notify for zone '': not authoritative

    Can anyone help me please ?
    [email protected] also please

    Bob lenaerts

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    Have you enabled zone tranfer access on the primary DNS server for the secondary server?

    Look in the advanced tab.

    Take a look in the 550 manual:

    Appendix B

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    hi huck,

    the primary dns server is a raq4r for now
    I'm going to see if there is a feature for it


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    I had put the IP address into it for zone transfers, but still my raq550 (sec dns server) says :

    not authoritative

    help please


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    will refraze

    in my raq4 dns server I have 1500 domains (
    I want my raq550 to act as sec dns server.
    How can I easely transfer all the zone files ?

    raq4 (pri dns server)
    raq550 (sec dns server)

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    strange that NO ONE has a sollution for a sec dns server
    you ppl put all the sec zones all by hand ????


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    create a perl script to iterate through all of the files and rename them and change anything that needs to be changed.

    Then ftp them to your 550.
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