Hi There,

I'm just after some ideas of how to best handle the following. I have a few so far, but no doubt someone has a great idea.

We are replacing all our old servers with new systems. Customers are on cPanel, Ensim and DirectAdmin at the moment, the current drives are PATA whilst new ones are SATA.

New drives will have newer OS (some are still RH7.3).

I want to keep the new servers with the current names and IPs (or can be new IP's - but then all resellers will need to change their name server IP's as well - as we have to do this one day anyway).

So pretty much just move their data across instantly so no down time is experienced.

The servers are 1RU so can't just take out the HDD and put in the new servers as there is only room for the 2 (RAIDed).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.