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    Question Dot5 and beyond. Advice/Help?

    I was once with Dot5hosting a while back. As we all know, their service sucks and as with most people left. I'm currently with Westhost. Their service is decent to say the least. However, I'm getting pretty tired of their antique control panel and their delays in implementing their new control panel for older clients: i've been waiting since August 2003.

    I'm now looking for a new web host. I'm contemplating between Lunarpages and This is essentially due to the features of their plans: such as multiple domain hosting, IMAP email support. However, I am unclear as to their reliability.

    Although Superbhosting has a too good to be true plan, I've been doing a search on them and have been reading reviews that they are horrble host and such. That's mostly due to their support. I personally tried sending them an email, and I've yet to get a reply... its been almost a week! Any comments?

    Lunarpages seems to suit my requirement of features and their support is excellent: email response usually arrives within the hour. However, I've not been able to read up any genuine reviews on them.

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these host?

    I'm looking for a plan with
    IMAP support (most important!)
    Dedicated/Static IP
    Excellent Support and Reliable uptime
    Under $10/month
    Reasonable amount of space (>700mb) and bandwith (>15Gigs).

    Any suggestions or advice will be GREATLY appericated. Thanks.

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    don't expect to get excellent support from the big guys, for them your site is just a number. the GBs are just to trick you - most of the average websites do not exceed more than 2-3 GB/monthly...

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    I just switched from Dot5 to LunarPages. So far not a problem, everything smooth, techs replying within an hour most times for simple questions.

    Can't comment about IMAP but static IP was 2.50 extra per month I believe, but that probably pushes the total cost up to $10/month. The static IP was nice to have at the point of moving because I could at least configure my site with the new IP while it was still on dot5.

    ummm .. what else ... yeah, the speed seems to be faster than Dot5, perhaps not 'significantly', but still it does seem to be faster when loading images & executing CGI.

    Adding subdomains & parking domains is really cool too as you can do it via the control panel and don't have to put any tickets in for that.

    One thing to be careful of is that LunarPages have indexing turned ON by DEFAULT, which means people can see your directories, you need to put an Option -Indexing or something like that in your /.htaccess file to make it site wide (otherwise you have to protect on a per directory basis).

    Stats wise it's back to webalyzer (dot5 had urchin), but I always liked webalyzer as you could see everything in one go + it was simply put .. fast to access. You can of course still download your raw logs anyway should you want to Sawmill them or whatever.

    Complaints wise absolutely none.

    I was wondering .. maybe someone can answer this while I'm here .. I thought next time I might put my e-mail with a third party so if I ever need to change hosts again at least I won't lose my e-mail ... are there any good (cheap?) places that offer this ..

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    Actually what the main thing you need to do is keep your domain registration separate from your hosting service. Then anytime you should need to change hosts, just get any new service you want, and point your DNS to the new servers. Hosting, email, and everything will all be switched in one swoop.

    I hope that helps!

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    Hi! I'm already doing that, however what I need is a separate E-Mail provider from a Hosting service. That way, when the Hosting service f**ks up I still keep my e-mail. Any pointers?

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    if you need reliable e-mail providers you should probably be looking into the big guys like Yahoo. I agree about the domain name, is easier to register your domain and control your DNS settings in case you need to switch the host.

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    If you jump from host to host when something goes wrong then you probably should probably signup for an email account with yahoo, so you can easily send in your cancellation or refund requests. Having the right expectation would be the first step. If you expect 100% uptime, then you will have to pay for such an infrastructure/service.

    If you want to be extra careful you could have a company for each service, mail dns,domain, hosting
    Datums Internet Solutions, LLC
    Systems Engineering & Managed Hosting Services
    Complex Hosting Consultants

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