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    Basic Security Special $50 dolllars

    Rack911 is holding a special for this week.

    $50.00 USD
    Limit compilers / fetch applications to root.
    Secure and Harden Temporary directorys.
    BFD Installation and configuration.
    SIM Installation and configuration.
    Update all server software ( includes kernel ).
    Disable Dangerous PHP Functions.
    Chkrootkit Installation.
    APF Firewall installation and configuration.
    Logwatch Configuration.
    Libsafe Installation.
    Host.conf + sysctl.conf tweaks.
    Filesystem Hardening.
    Disable insecure / Unused system services.
    Full security scan included

    Operating systems supported:
    Redhat 7.x - 9.0
    RHE ES 3.0

    Control Panels supported:
    Direct Admin
    and many more just ask.

    Supported Contact methods:
    Email: [email protected]

    Paypal ( paypal now accepts cc through paypal without opening account )

    Kernel Recompile - $15
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