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    I wish to sell this domain, I was really into making it, but now work caught up with me, and i really have no time to work on it. I leave for bootcamp and AIT in July, and I have to finish 3 sites, including a board, and I have no time to finish this project.

    This is also probably one of the few remaining anime sites that actually sounds good, you could probably resell it and get even more money for it, its up to you though, I just have no use for it at this moment.

    price: $20
    expires: 2/17/2005
    payment: PayPal (only accept this sorry)

    once payment has been made, I will transfer the domain to you, through the godaddy transfer a domain owner, which is free for those who dont know.

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    how much traffic does it get?

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    dont know, never used it, but if you know your stuff, Im pretty sure you can make it a really good site, since I didnt use it, im not sure how much traffic it will get. Thanks for your time.

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