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    Live chat software

    I am interested in offering some live support on my website. I have looked at some products such as php live and these products look like they are geared for the larger company. I am a one person company. This is something what I may be interested in finding...

    A professional looking live support icon is displayed on the web page. If the customer selects this icon, an operator is paged (not a telephone pager but some type of software pager). If the operator answers the page, a chat session is started. If the operator does not answer the page, an message box is created where the customer types in the message and this message is e-mailed to the operator.

    Some little program is installed on the operator computer. This could be similar to instant messenger. When ever the operator dials into the internet, this operator can start receiving the pages. The operator would be doing other work on the computer. When the operator is paged, some alert is displayed and the operator has some number of seconds to respond to this page. If the pages times out, the customer would enter a message in a message box that is e-mailed. If the operator accepts the page, a chat session is started.

    Is there a product that would do something like this? The whole idea is if I sign on the internet I would be available for support questions. But I would be doing other work such as programming or surfing the internet. I didn't want to sign on/off some chat program every time that I wanted to be available for support. Something similiar to instant messenger.

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    I'd suggest Help Center Live. A truly impressive open source app which can hold it's own to the commercial "big-boys". It also includes a trouble ticket module and FAQ.

    In addition, they do have a winapp application (optional/not required) which runs minimized on your taskbar and informs you of visitors.. Although they do charge for this, it's still cheaper than the commercial versions, and in my opinion, much better.

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    expensive ish?

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    We are currently using Help Center Live at the moment, and haven't had any problems with it. It has quite a lot of features considering it's free. The WinApp software is a great addition.
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    I suggest Help Center Live. You can "pull" people browsing your website, so you can have a chat with them. I use php live, which is an incredible program! I highly suggest both. Since you're looking for something cheap, and/or free, then go for help center live.

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    We use LivePerson

    we tried most of the other popular live chat applications , but found faults with all of them. We make more sales using liveperson, so it does not really end up costing us money but rather making us money

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    I second help center live. good program
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    Try BoldChat

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    Help center live is the best I have used yet and its free if you dont want the winapp

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    how about

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