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    Php mail funcion problem

    The php mail function just doesn't work for me.
    I've tryed it on a linux system and a unix system, and i even copied and pasted an exact example (email adress changed.) and it doesn't work.
    its annoying me.

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    Lets read some docs.

    Requirements pharagraph is very important to read.

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    i'm confused.

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    May be your MailServer requires SMTP Authentication, if so, may be your could find some sample code on which requires username, password before sending an email.

    or may be the Microsoft SMTP port has been changed to other than 25, if so, edit your php.ini and add a new line "sendmail_port = <theport>", restart the IIS and try then.

    Hope it is informative
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    hmmm...ok i'll try.

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