I am dreamin about a control panel for linux machines..

The payment system will be integrated with the server control. Automatic account setup after admin autohorization. FOr preventingpossible fraud.
You can also track the domain sales, And controlall aspects of domain management

Backup and restore.....

It will be not dependant on wheter your previous Cp was Cpanel ensimplesk what ever,,,, It will take the backups(emails, DBs, all account related stuff) at once and restires them .

Willhave security update channels. I have seen such nice posts at somany forums about HOW TOs why not implement it in to system so that we can use... Automatic APF installation. Ipbanning. Tweak settings forms for Sql (Standard, good, Fast).

Server load figures detailed. Which account uses how much. and which process. How many emails a spesific account sent and where.

My dream can continue. What u guys say
Is it impossible?

editorry maybe suitable for control panels forum..uppps