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    Question Worthless?

    Just wondering- any value here?

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    it's not worthless.. it's a .com, and it's also a unique name.. I don't know what kind of site would land on it though.. but it's not a throw away name..

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    I'd say around $1500-2000 would not be unreasonable. It's short, it's a dot-com, super easy to remember with a lot of potential. It makes me think of a kids store of some sort. It'd be worth more if it meant something (i.e. a huge company surfaces called Bug Bin)

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    I wouldn't say its worth $1500-$2000 certainly afew hundred....... Its an extreamly good domain though.... Keep on to it... cause it my just aswell be worth $1500-$2000

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    Thankyou to everyone that responded. I appreciate the input.


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