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    How to run web site on own machine?

    How can I run my own web site on my own computer?

    AMD Athlon FX-53 2.4GHz Overclocked at 3GHz
    WinXP Home SP1a
    nVidia GeForce4 256MB VRAM
    5GB RAM
    4x IDE 400GB 10,000RPM HDD
    SDH-256 36GBps
    anways...just tell me how

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    Well, you could always setup Apache 2.0 (HTTP Server), MySQL 4.0 (Database), PHP 4.3 (Dynamic Content), and Perl 5.8 (another Scripting Engine) as the core of your Web-Server.

    Add a few other useful Web-Server components such as phpMyAdmin (MySQL front end), Analog (Log analyzer), OpenSSL/mod_ssl (Secured/Encrypted communications), zlib/mod_deflate (compression), a few Perl modules, etc... and you should have a pretty good solution.

    Check my signature below, I run an informative site on how to do just that. For Windows and Linux. And if you do not want to take the time to compile/set-up/integrate all that, there are already-made pre-build Windows “packages” out there on several sites, including ours

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