I bought a linksys RV082 router the other day and finally got a chance to play around with the router today.

This server has nat to nat and allows port forwarding. The nat to nat only works on the dmz port that is available. It also has built in VPN.

This is what I needed.....I have 4 servers and the bandwidth load on them is quite low (100 gigs throughput per month betwen them). I need a router that is going to allow me to specify what router ports should listen to what ports (80,25,etc) coming across specific ips and route requests to the appropiate computer. Each of these servers has ftp and each has web and some more stuff. I want all other ports closed.

I called support and talked to the tech support and the guy told me that the only way to do the nat to nat was through the dmz which leaves the open port issues back to the servers instead of the router.

He also informed me that the port forwarding was available but you could only specifiy one forward per port address. So, I can only forward port 80 to one server.

I have about 500 to spend on a router (and switch if needed).

Please let me know what is the best router for my requirements.

thanks in advance.