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  1. #1 & Advertising available + PR7 too! Advertising Available NOW!
    We are offering advertising on In a short time we have become very popular with our script listings, free services
    (,, and more), free programs and free custom scripts. Marketleap is over 4000 with over 3000 pages in Google. Many nice search engine listings with multiple top 10's. With more advertising planned, I know this PR6 site will get even more popular.

    What we have are two types of advertising slots available:

    Exclusive Banner ad slot (1) - you will receive the one and only dead center 468x60 ad. No others will be put here except you.
    Right now the ad is there. If you purchase this ad, the will be removed and your ad exclusively will be replaced. Cost is $199 per month. Connections (4) - You will notice an Connections box on the top right. There will be 4 text areas with 3 lines allowed here. Price is $75 per month per text area. Current spots which are my sites will be replaced with yours. Featured (5) - You will notice a featured box on the top left. There will be 5 text links allowed here. Price is $45 per month per link. Current spots which are my sites will be replaced with yours. Friends (?) - You will notice a Friends box on the bottom right. There will be unlimited amount of text links and buttons allowed here. Price is $35 per month per text link and $45 per month per 88x31 button.

    All subscribers to the above will have their link on all pages of in that position.

    All emails should be sent to [email protected] Advertising
    We have opened up advertising slots for 468x60 banners on receives on average 13,000 unique people per day, marketleap over 30,000, and is listed high in Google as well as other search engines. Actual live traffic stats can be found here:

    Your banner will be listed on only. We currently have one static banner at the very top of the page. Your ad will be rotated with other banners. We can deliver ads as slow or fast as needed. You will be given a login and password to track your stats and clicks. The system runs on phpAdsNew.

    Below is the pricing. We feel this is fair since you get what you pay for. This is not the typical untrackable ebay offers you see.


    5,000 impressions - $15 ($3 per thousand)

    10,000 impressions - $25 ($2.50 per thousand)

    25,000 impressions - $50 ($2 per thousand)

    50,000 impressions - $75 ($1.50 per thousand)

    100,000 impressions - $125 ($1.25 per thousand)

    250,000 impressions - $200 (less than $1 per thousand!)

    Over 250k - Price on request.

    Text Links also available. Price upon request.

    Remember this is a site with over 13,000 members. We have a new website design coming out next month as well as affiliations with some major websites. If you sign up now, you will be locked into these prices for year 2004. We will be raising prices again after the launch in early April.

    NOTE: Site has popups so activate your popup blocker if this annoys you.

    All emails should be sent to [email protected] Advertising

    We run - a free 24/7 website monitoring service. We have decided to allow one advertiser exclusive right to advertise their banner (468x60) as well as have a three line text blurb on each email that is sent by our system.

    To give you an idea, each user of httpwhere can have up to 2 sites. Most do. So the 500+ users would equal almost 1000 sites. Each site could be setup to receive an email (if site is down) every 10 minutes up to every few hours. Also each website is setup for either a daily or weekly email report. So you see this could be many emails.

    Right now the most amount of lines on an email would be as shown belowin this weekly report: report

    03/21/2004 1:04 EST

    From: 1/30/2004 0:06
    To: 2/1/2004 0:00
    Total checks: 287
    Availability: 99.7%

    A typical "Site down" email is as follows:

    HTTPWhere notification


    03/21/2004 9:13 EST

    We have found a problem with your site

    Site: snipeman
    Current status: Not available
    Previous status: 200 OK

    So as you see the email is very simple. Your ad would be below this with a maximum of 3 lines on each type of email. We have added in a way to have HTML ads as well so this option is available. I have not set a price but anyone interested should send an email to [email protected] as this is the first time I am offering this. Offers accepted too.

    This will be a month to month deal unless someone is interested in a long term deal.

    All emails should be sent to [email protected] PR7 site Advertising
    Looking for advertisers for with several types of ads being available. Ads available are text links, 468x60 banners and 120x120/240/600. Don't knock the site.. it brings in all sorts of individuals!

    Ad pricing upon request.

    As stated site gets about 3750 uniques per day, Google PR7 and many top 10 links in google, yahoo and msn. The actual web stats can be seen here:

    All emails should be sent to [email protected]

    Thanks, Kevin -

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    pricing for text links?

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