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    Selling 2 Spaces for ads

    I am selling 2 Spaces for Ads on my website.

    The URL is

    it is under construction, nevertheless it gets tons of unique hits.

    A screenshot of webalizer:

    The address bar is smudged because I dont want anyone to know the username of my cpanel or the URL.

    Looking for 10 dollars every 2 months. If payments are not offered VIA PAYPAL then they will not be accepted.

    Also, if you do not pay up every 2 months, your banner will be taken off the site until we receive payment, if another month later you still dont pay, we will take another offer from someone else.

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    where are the hits from?
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    It used to be a big gaming forum, and my friends Final fantasy forum is on there. Hes having some problems though.

    Its due to be open again in a couple months, and his forum should be open in a couple days.

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    well as long as the site's not up anyway, can I just have the whole splash page lol

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    umm no. im offering the cheapest adspace like ever then u go and ask that -.-

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