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    Newbie wants ads on my site

    This is my first post. My friend has a site (and several related sites) which gets 10,000 hits a day. Was 3,500/day last summer. 500/day to home page. He wants to put ads on there to get income. Are there any suggestions for getting started. I have not found this kind of info yet. For example, how do you get Wall Street Journal interested, or some other relevant advertiser?

    Thanks tons.

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    You should look into google adsense for a start. It's easy to setup and google does all the legwork for you of finding advertisers. You just need to add a little of their java script to your page and you're done.

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    The new Norton hides all Google ads. This caused my profits to go down.

    Are there any alternatives which don't use javascript or other identifiable patterns?

    (My sites attract 500-1000 visitors per day).


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