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    Question running dedicated server on ADSL


    I have a linux fedora system configured with a static IP provided by my ADSL provider. However, there is one question I have that i hope someone can help me on.

    Basically, I am getting 256Kbps Upload. I am assuming that is 256KBits not KBytes, if i am correct is there 8bits in a Byte? if so that will make the upload speed 32KB /sec

    The main reason for this dedicated server i've setup at home is to run my billing and helpdesk software on it. My billing and helpdesk software is PerlBill and PerlDesk.

    My questions is: will this 256Kbps (32KB /sec) be good enough to run these applications in busy environments ?

    Any comments on this would be very much appreciated.


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    Good day,
    I believe you understood that the speed for an ADSL connection is not constant? A 256Kbps line speed varies from 10+KB/s to 32KB/s.

    If possible, start with a SDSL. In fact, you should host the 2 sites on the other shared hosting account.

    Just my suggestion.
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    Thanx for your reply,

    I've downloaded alot of files from my adsl server and most of the time i get 29KB/s. is this not enough to run perlbill and perldesk on? at the moment i am running the two different applications on two different shared hosting accounts on two different company's

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    they have great forums for this type of thing
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    Also with ADSL your contention ratios are normally 50:1 - 20:1 if you are on a business line which means of the available bandwith (512K) you could end up sharing this with 50 other people - so in theory if all 50 were downloading something you would only get speeds of 10k/s.

    I would not suggest running any kind of commercial application on ADSL, there are not SLA's for ADSL so what if you loose connectivity for days on end?

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