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    Can someone recommend a quality hosting service?

    I'm really getting tired of this. I see all the negative stuff about Ipowerweb. I just signed up to them after signing up with and then cancelling Site Turn Networks... this is beyond annoying. I'll cancel them too if this is the case.

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    just do a search on google, and read my post on how to find the right hosts under sandee29 search these forums. or use the quote feature above. make sure you check whoever you decide to go with before hitting the signup button.

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    Many great hosts can be found by searching on google, or searching on the forums here.

    I would always search for information on a specific hosting company here before I decide whether to buy or not.

    Good luck in finding what is right for you!
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    Originally posted by sandee29
    just do a search on google
    Doing search on google is a bad idea. It brings up highly advertized companies, not reliable ones. I suggest to browse this forum and look for companies that have good reviews and then check out those companies.

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