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    Suggestion on WHT rule

    Rule :

    Participants may not use discussions to recommend, praise, or belittle other products or services, or any company; without first hand experience of those products or services. This includes companies recommending other companies. Any post not meeting a moderator's criteria will be removed without notice.

    Is there any future plans to change this rule to let companies recommend other companies? Is this rule actually ever enforced and if so, how far is this rule really enforced?

    In my time here ive probably recommended other companies to roughly 50-100 New users here and never actually read this rule before.

    Also.. if i DONT have first hand experience but the overall reviews of a company are pretty good (Take HTTPme for example) i am not permitted to recommend them without signing up and actually trying them first??

    Just wondering as i had never seen this rule when i signed up.

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    Well, IMHO, it is hard to reccomend services that you have never used. In that example, you are only saying.. " I read on the internet that they are good"... Know what I mean?

    Usually, people that ask for comments are asking what Users, past and present have to say. Not what another forum User has read.
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    People can read the reviews on the forum for themselves using the search feature they do not need to be told the company has good reviews.
    If you do not have first hand knowledge then you are not supposed to recomend them.
    If you see someone posting a recomendation based only on reviews and not first hand experience then use the report this post feature and a mod will deal with it.

    To answer you direct question no you are not allowed to recomend a host like httpme unless you have signed up direct with them and use their service.

    Yes this rule is enforced at least by me quite often. My personal policy is that if you break the rule one time I may or may not remove the post, I will try and PM you asking for more information and explain the rule to you, if you break it again or do not supply me with an answer you will be warned.

    No there are no plans to change this rule.

    It is best to review the rules at least once a month to make sure you stay current.
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    Ok, I may be just a little stupid here, but HOW pray tell does one give an "honest" review without actually having personally experienced the company they're reviewing? It just can't be done.

    I wouldn't put my own reputation on the line for a company whom I've never done business with. It's one of the most absurd things to think of, seriously now.
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    Don't mean to throw a spanner in the works .. just can't help myself I suppose, but how pray tell are you to know if a person has used them or not. As an example what is stopping me from saying "yeh there great I used that service myself last year" how are you to prove I didn't ..

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    I can't always prove you didn't or did, but if you get asked and then are caught in a lie, is recomending someone you never used and lieing about it worth taking a chance on getting your account here suspended?

    I guess each person has to decide for themselves.

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    There has to be some common sense used in the interpretation of this rule. While the spirit of the rule is obviously to prevent shills and competitors from filling these forums with fluff, intelligent discussions can still occur concerning the facts of a service or product.

    Let me give you a few examples:

    They have entered the Web Hosting market and are actively pursuing it. Their branding is on their Client Management system. Now when a member asks for opinions about ModernBill would it not be reasonable to point this fact out? Especially if the one making the inquiry is contemplating using it for their web hosting business?

    Same basic scenario, do I have to buy a domain name through Enom in order to tell someone inquiring about their services that Enom is also offering web hosting and that the Enom name will show up in any WHOIS queries?

    Now surely if I was selling my own Client Management system my reply to that ModernBill question would be a bit different. Or if I was a Registrar my reply to an Enom question would be suspect.

    Last example:
    Someone asks about Host XYZ, we check out their page and see they offer Unlimited Bandwidth and Disc Space. Now is it a rule violation to point out to the one making the inquiry that Unlimited anything is simply not possible? After all we never technically tried their services right?

    There is the letter of the law and there is the spirit of the law. If WHT attempts to enforce the letter of the law with this rule, you will need to add a few hundred more staff to handle all the reported posts.

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    It makes sense that people can only give a "review" of a service if they have used it before, but saying flat out you can't recommend something unless you've used it yourself is going a little far, say somebody asks for a service that proivides x, y and z and somebody knows of a well known company or site that does are they not allowed to suggest it?

    I've been "recommending" that people use the host quote feature when they post looking for an offer, but i've never actually requested a quote there myself (and it's a service at the end of the day), i guess i better stop suggesting it.

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    Originally posted by Watcher_TVI
    . . . . There is the letter of the law and there is the spirit of the law. . .
    Which is why it states, "Any post not meeting a moderator's criteria will be removed without notice."

    Common sense (still kinda funny that's a rule) needs to apply to moderation as well as members.
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    Watcher_TVI, it seems you are talking about pointing out related facts (regarding ModernBill, Enom and a host offering unlimited bandwidth), which would be different that recommending or not recommending the service of that provider. Without posting any opinions, pointing out these facts may lead someone to make their own opinons which is how it should work.

    This is also different from listing various companies that offer services. For example, if someone asks about billing services, offering the URL fo ModernBill for consideration is different than suggesting or recommending ModernBill when you've never used the service. I tend to start those posts off with a disclaimer to make it obvisou such as, "I've never used these personally, but you could check out ModernBill, BlahBill, and BobBill. According to their sites, they all offer yadda yadda which is what you were looking for."

    Often times the question determines whether you can answer it. If someone asks for a GOOD billing program, then you may not be able to suggest anything other than what you've used and feel is good (as opposed to someone asking for A billing program). - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Interesting you mention that. I always see companies recommending other companies, even though they had no personal experience with the service.
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    Is your company represented?

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    Originally posted by Artashes
    Interesting you mention that. I always see companies recommending other companies, even though they had no personal experience with the service.
    Use the report this post to a moderator and we will check it out.

    Yes common sense has to prevail, and I hope it does, very seldom do we moderate on the letter of the law. As Chicken said there is a difference in listing possible solutions for some one to check out than posting I highly recomend they are a great host. blah blah....

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    common sense is the key here

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