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    photoshop 7 printing

    I have windows xp and photoshop 7. The problem i am having it that it is printing with margins. I cant change it. I have gone to page setup and all i have for options are paper size, source, orientation and margins but for paper size i cant choose custom and the margins field is greyed out. It is printing right now with .066 left margin and .5 right margin. I want to be able to have no margins and print the whole size of the page or atleast even margin size. Please HELP!
    Thanks in advance
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    Does your printer support no border printing?
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    how do i check? its a hp deskjet 952c
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    Originally posted by icerain
    how do i check? its a hp deskjet 952c
    The 952 does not support 8.5x11 borderless printing.
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    ok but can i get this brochure centered? how do i atleast get the margins equal?
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    If i were you i would go to your local printer, they charge you about 2-5 dollars for a smooth borderless full color print on photopaper.

    Also deliver the image on at least 300dpi, looks a lot better than the usual 72dpi used for the web.
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