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    Securing / Hardening a Virtuozzo account?

    hey all.

    I just got set up with a virtuozzo account and am begining the process of installing and configuring everything. One of the first things I want to do is apply some hardening to it. But I haven't found any documentation for a Virtuozzo user (a few things were for the host, though). The only other tip I've seen is the list at:
    ..but it's all centered around ensim and I'm wary of just applying the steps blindly.

    So, the question is, are there any guides or checklists for securing a Virtuozzo account? (not the box admin, just one VPS account admin)

    [If it matters, I'm not a reseller, just a poweruser who needed some stuff not available in a shared host. My VPS is only going to host a couple personal domains, so it's kinda like a single-user server.]

    [PS - If it turns out there's no self-help guides, I'll offer to barter some programming or techwriting in return for qualified assistance...]

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    *bump* Anyone? Even suggestions or ideas?

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    Treat it as a normal dedicated. There isn;t anything "special" about Virtuozzo from that point of view

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