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    Is this company on it's way out?
    800# doesn't work anymore, my site is gone and no response from customer service.

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    I work for a tech support outsource that services <hosts>. <One> company has gone through some major upheavals over the last year, but they are definitely still in the game (or perhaps I should say BACK in the game).

    <_> the original owner, sold it off a while back to a fellow <_>, who had absolutely no business sense whatsoever, and really botched things up. <he's> got it back now, and he has had his work cut out for him trying to get things back in working order... and actually things are starting to look pretty good again.

    FYI, it's not an 800 number at all, it's 1-877-<_>.

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    Southern Integrated Systems, has purchased and brought it back to life. The previous owner/founder, was overwhelmed by the state of the company and couldn't bring it back to being manageable, so we did. We are happy to announce that all clients are now being hosted at our facility in Fort Lauderdale. We now offer server level support, dedicated servers and colo's, at reasonable prices. We are not a hosting reseller, nor do we believe in having our job done for us. We host everything ourselves, in house, which means support is just a phone call away. We look forward to a long exiting future with


    Rick Swanson

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