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    Advanced PHP Expert Needed

    I am looking for an advanced php scripter who can script and design an advanced control for an upcoming host. The control panel must have 2 parts; user area & admin area.

    Users must be able to:

    - Add / Remove E-mail Accounts With Quotas
    - Add E-mail Autoresponders / forwarders
    - Apply a spam filter
    - Redirect unrouted mail i.e [email protected] might be directed to [email protected]
    - Use an intergerated webmail service without having to log into the cp.
    - Users have the ability to change there control panel password
    - User can add upto 3 additional ftp accounts in addition to there main once.
    - Users can use a file manager to upload files alternatively.
    - Users can passord protect directories
    - Add custom error pages
    - Add subdomains i.e
    - Add / delete mysql db's the db host info will be the same as there cp login info. Have upto 3. Intergrated with phpMyAdmin
    - Add / setup redirects
    - View traffic stats
    - Search engine submit option
    - Ban manager (users can be certain ips)
    - Script Installer (various scripts)
    - Update user info.

    The cp must also tell them what package they are on, how much of there monthly resources have been used up. There must also be a small support support script intergrated. Where users can open tickets or speak to an operator or view faq.

    Admin's Must be able to do:

    - Review hosting applications approve or decline them,
    - View and resolve tickets and chat as an operator,
    - Can suspend an account.
    - Can e-mail all users,
    - Perform checks (such as find all sendmail scripts).

    The entire CP must be very user friendly and stylish if you can do this please post below.

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    Looking at your requirements you need Cpanel and nothing else. And also all these features can only be well managed via Perl and not PHP. Also it would cost you heavily to hire anyone to incorporate all such functions.

    Thank You.


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    exactly what techman said,

    your requirments could take a while & a whole lot of cash, maybe cpanel is the better way out...

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    I do not want cpanel.

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    I can do this and have developers to get involved if you need a quicker time frame for completion. You're looking at roughly $15K to $20K for a project of this size, not including a lot of clustering, admin functions, etc., as there will be a lot of things needed to have it designed properly.

    You didn't mention if you want templates, different skins, or static content. You will want a backend engine for the control panel and will not want to use a web server to run PHP as root, for example. So it would need its own daemon.

    You will not want to use PHP (this is not a good choice), but I could do it in PHP if you wished. This will need to do tasks while running as a privileged user, and will need to drop priveleges when doing tasks as a user, for example.

    The other aspects depend on the software you want to use with it. Do you want the control panel to install any software and configure it and bring your server up to a fully operational state, or simply use existing software you have?

    Do you want to use Qmail, Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, or something else? What POP email software do you want to use? The answers you provide will detemine what needs to be done. Different software have different configurations and ways to set quotas, email passwords, etc., and how to use SMTP authentication, etc.

    Do you want to use procmail or spamassassin, or both, or other things for spam filtering? What sort of FTP software do you wish to use? What web server? Is this the type of thing you wish to have a developer suggest? Also, most important, what platform/OS is this to run on?

    These are only a few of many questions. There are many things the control panel would need to do, such as adding and removing DNS entries, unless you plan to do this yourself, as well as added or removed to/from several configuration files for several services.

    I understand you are listing the features you want and may not have gone into great detail due to this and will speak to a developer about it. The above estimate on the price may be more of less, depending on exactly what you need, what you have now, if anything, and how it will run. Please PM or email me if you're interested. Thank you.

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    At that price, even I am ready to do this.

    Thank You.


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    Originally posted by thetechman

    At that price, even I am ready to do this.

    Thank You.

    For all the work to do this right, if you are an adult with a mortgage in the USA, the price I quoted is very reasonable, knowing all the work that would have to go into a (nearly full on compared to competitors) control panel. I'm sure someone in India could probably quote a lower price, due to the exchange rates, but that doesn't change the fact that it would not be worth it to develop a complete, secure and bug free, quality control panel for any less, nor does it guarantee a quality product.

    If someone thought otherwise, I'd have to question their qualifications for a project of this size (or what it should be). I don't nickel and dime it, I'm a serious developer with a large skill set and years of experience. This accounts for a realistic price quote and anyone that would not be interested in paying a 1/2 way decent rate, is of no consequence to me, nor would I bother. I don't mean that to be offensive or to seem arrogant, simply that it's not rational to consider it any other way, or that my quote was overly priced. Good luck.
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    Hello Justin,

    I never said that the price was over-quoted. Infact my first post suggests that developing a control panel can cost your thousands of $$$. What I meant to say that if the client is ready to fund the amount you stated in reality, i would also want to work for it. And regarding my qualifications and experience, I have already designed and developed a control panel. So its not that I was cracking a joke at the subject.

    Incase you need my resume for verification, do pm me.

    Thank You.


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    I could help out too, really experienced with php & web designing, i could really help with the user interface.

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    I apologize if I misunderstood your post, and as I said, my response wasn't meant to offend or accuse. Anyway, I don't want to pollute this thread with any discussions not related to the poster's project/job ad, and don't need to verify anything (I'm not the guy looking to hire). Besides, the poster never responded, so I assume the price was a lot higher than they assumed it would be and wants it done for only a few hundred (in which case I'm not at all interested), or they aren't serious about the project after all, or they've perhaps simply just been too busy to respond. Good luck to you all.

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